Toto's First Night

Toto's First Night

Toto's First Night (Italian: Totò di notte n. 1) is a 1962 Italian musical comedy film directed by Mario Amendola and starring Totò and Erminio Macario.


Ninì and Mimi are two friends, itinerant players, who can not make a penny. It is performed at night, in various places, arousing only the laughter of the public, until Mimi is delivered the conspicuous legacy of his uncle. Ninì immediately takes the opportunity to re-launch the duo in nightclubs, but squanders all the money in goliardic parties.

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    director Mario Amendola
    editor Jolanda Benvenuti
    genre comedy
    musicBy Armando Trovaioli
    producer Mario Mariani
    productionCompany Cinex Incei Film
    publisher Incei Film
    theme musical comedy