Shankar is a 2009 Indian Telugu-language action comedy film produced by J Bhagavan, J Pulla Rao under Sri Balaji Cine Media banner and directed by Siva and associated by Shiva Rama Krishna. Starring Gopichand, Trisha and Sathyaraj, the music was composed by S. Thaman.


Chandu (Gopichand) is a rich, rough youth brought up by his uncle Krishna Rao (Chandra Mohan) in Australia. Mahalakshmi (Trisha) stays in Australia along with her uncle Pichaiah (Dharmavarapu Subrahmanyam), who runs a restaurant. Chandu is fond of martial arts, but he never gets a chance to exhibit them in real situations. Mahalakshmi is another martial arts freak. After a few misunderstandings, they fall in love. One day, Mahalakshmi is forced to come back to her hometown in Rayalaseema. Chandu comes in search of her. Meanwhile, Sivaiah (Sathyaraj) and his archenemy, Mahalakshmi's father Pashupati (Kota Srinivasa Rao) are the rich leaders of two neighboring villages, in Rayalaseema. They have longtime enmity. Chandu comes to Mahalakshmi's village and asks her hand in marriage. Though Pashupati's sister opposes this, Pashupati agrees based on one condition, that Chandu must escort his brother from the railway station home safely. The brother Rajappa (Supreeth), has been on a 23-year self-imposed exile from the district, due to his life being under threat from Sivaiah and his entire village. Chandu agrees and does so, beating 30 men of Siviah on the way. Then Chandu is challenged to go to Siviah alone to his house. While walking into Sivaiah's house, he is beaten up badly by Sivaiah's men that he laid at the door of the house. When Sivaiah saw his face, he recognized Chandu and rushed him to the hospital where he is saved. The incident reached Chandu's uncle who flew to India. Uncle Krishna Rao is shocked to see Chandu with Siviah and proceeds to tell Chandu about his parents. Sivaiah is Chandu's father. 23 years ago, there was a big feud between villages over sharing water, in which a multitude of lives was lost in clashes. Siviah's wife pleads with him to stop the fight, to which he pays no heed. She gives birth to twins, but one child and her parents are killed in a car bomb, before her very eyes. This makes her take Chandu and go to her native. After 2 years, she has a change of heart and comes to meet Siviah. As they are about to reconcile, Rajappa ambushes Siviah, and kills his wife before his eyes, despite his pleas. He sent Chandu with the uncle and has paid for all of his expenses since then. Chandu then joins Siviah as his heir, and the rest of the story is about how he defeats both Pasupati and his brothers.