Sing Sing Nights

Sing Sing Nights

Sing Sing Nights is a 1934 American film directed by Lewis D. Collins, based on the 1927 novel by American Author Harry Stephen Keeler.


Three men have been convicted of the same murder of the, admittedly, quite reprehensible Floyd Cooper, and sit on death row awaiting execution the following morning. However, only one bullet could have struck the victim first, so only one of the three men is actually guilty of murder, since "the other two shot into a corpse," and so must be innocent; but which two? Professor Varney's machine, a kind of lie detector, will determine who is guilty as each man tells the story of how he came to know, hate, and kill the victim.


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    director Lewis D. Collins
    editor Carl Pierson
    genre crime drama mystery
    keywords death row morning
    producer Paul Malvern
    productionCompany Monogram Pictures
    theme romantic drama war