Yaariyan is a 2008 Punjabi film, produced by Pinky Basrao starring Gurdas Maan as the male lead and Bhumika Chawla playing his love interest. Directed by Deepak Grewal, the film also stars Om Puri and Gulshan Grover. There is also a special appearance by Asrani.


Jasawar (Gurdas Mann) a lawyer from Punjab comes to Canada to work as a lawyer, but was unable to work as a lawyer and does other jobs. He falls in love with Bhumika Chawla. He met an accident and plot an easy money case along with his helping hand Khanna, Gulshan Grover, he later finds out that the driver he was suing was the uncle of his lover yet he continues to sue.

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    director Deepak Grewal
    keywords easy money help
    musicBy Sachin Ahuja
    producer Pinky Basrao
    publisher Pinky Basrao Films