The Ex-Wife of My Life

The Ex-Wife of My Life

The Ex-Wife of My Life or L'Ex-femme de ma vie is a 2005 French comedy-drama film directed by Josiane Balasko and starring Balasko, Karin Viard and Thierry Lhermitte. It is the sixth film directed by Balasko.


Tom is a successful popular novelist. He will soon marry again. However, he meets his previous wife in a restaurant. She is penniless, homeless, and seven and a half months pregnant. She asks him for help. Tom decides to host her. Quickly, his ex-wife and her psychiatrist friend invade his home.

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    director Josiane Balasko
    editor Claudine Merlin
    genre comedy-drama
    musicBy Mark Russell
    producer Josiane Balasko Louis Becker
    productionCompany ICE3
    publisher Warner Bros.