Tulips Shall Grow

Tulips Shall Grow is a 1942 American animated short film in the Puppetoons series, directed by George Pal and starring Rex Ingram and Victor Jory. It was released by Paramount Pictures and originally photographed in 3-strip Technicolor. It later became the black-and-white edition by National Telefilm Associates.


A Dutch boy and girl's idyllic existence is destroyed when they are overrun by a group of Nazi-like mechanical men called "The Screwballs", who lay waste to everything they touch. The Screwballs are later destroyed by a thunderstorm (the rain of which causes them to rust) and the boy and girl's idyllic life resumes.


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    contentLocation Netherlands
    director George Pal
    events World War II
    keywords boy and girl nazi nazi-like
    musicBy Eddison von Ottenfeld
    nomination Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film
    producer George Pal
    productionCompany George Pal Productions
    publisher Paramount Pictures
    theme animated animated short short