Cicatrices del alma

Cicatrices del alma (English title:Scars of the soul) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Eugenio Cobo for Televisa in 1986. It is an original story by Lindy Giacoman and adapted by Eric Vonn and Liliana Abud. It starred Norma Herrera, Germán Robles, Gregorio Casal, Rebeca Rambal and José Elías Moreno.


Elvira is an unhappy woman who has endured for years mistreatment and humiliation of her cruel husband Octavio, in addition to suffering the contempt of his ungrateful children Lucila and Alfredo. This has meant that over time Elvira has become weak and insecure woman. But life will give a new opportunity for women to be happy when you receive a large inheritance and open the doors to a new love.


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    keywords for women insecure woman new love ungrateful child
    publisher Televisa