House of Secrets

House of Secrets is a 1936 American film directed by Roland D. Reed starring Leslie Fenton and Muriel Evans.


The film opens on a ship where Barry Wilding (Leslie Fenton) and Julie Kenmore (Muriel Evans) meet on their way to England. On reaching there Barry finds out that he has inherited a house that belonged to his forefathers, to see how it looks like he goes there one night but finds out that it has been occupied by an old man and his daughter, the same girl he met on ship. The mystery evokes when he comes to know that suspicious people are after the house and strange things are happening.

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    contentLocation London
    director Roland D. Reed
    editor Dan Milner
    genre crime mystery
    keywords happen inherit old man one night same girl their way
    producer George R. Batcheller
    productionCompany Chesterfield Pictures
    publisher Chesterfield Pictures