Maha Nadigan மகா நடிகன்

Maha Nadigan (English: Great Actor) is a 2004 Indian Tamil biopic film written and directed by Sakthi Chidambaram. It is a satire of Tamil cinema and politics, with Sathyaraj playing a common man who goes to become a cinema stsr and then the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.


The film revolves around a common man Sathya (Sathyaraj) becoming an actor to superstar. Arivanandham (P.Vasu) uses him to win the assembly elections and decide to kill him. Later, Sathya becomes the CM. The rest of the story is about Sathya reforming the government and kills Arivanandham.

    More details

    director Sakthi Chidambaram
    editor Anil Malnad
    genre political satire
    musicBy Deva
    producer M. Gnana Sundari
    productionCompany Sundari films
    theme parody satirical