Jiivi is a 2019 Indian Tamil-language thriller film directed by V. J. Gopinath and written by Babu Tamizh. Jointly produced by M. Vellapandian, Sudalaikan Vellapandian and Subramanian Vellapandian. The film stars Vetri in the lead role, alongside an ensemble cast including Karunakaran, Monica Chinnakotla, Rohini, Ashwini Chandrashekar and Mime Gopi. The soundtrack album and background score was composed by K. S. Sundaramurthy, while art work, production controlling, executive production, line production were handled by Vairabalan, S. Nagarajan, Vivin S. R. and I. B. Karthikeyan, respectively. The film released on 28 June 2019 and was a successful venture.


Saravanan (Vetri) comes to Chennai from a small village in Madurai and works in a juice and tea stall where Mani (Karunakaran) is the "tea master". Though not formally educated, he is quite well-read. Saravanan's lover Anandhi (Monica Chinnakotla) jilts him citing his meagre existence, which pushes him into a depression. He decides to rob his landlady, Sivagami (Rohini) though she treats him as a brother. He then uses the knowledge that he has picked up over the years to plan and execute the crime, and proceeds to frame a neighbour he does not like.