Who the Hell is Juliette?

Who the Hell is Juliette? is a Mexican 1997 documentary film written and directed by Carlos Marcovich. The film is about Yuliet Ortega, a teenage prostitute who lives in Havana, Cuba and Fabiola Quiroz, a Mexican model. Marcovich intentionally misspelled the title character, "Yuliet Ortega", as "Juliette Ortega" in the credits.


Who the Hell is Juliette? begins with Yuliet Ortega saying that her name on the title card, Juliette Ortega, is misspelled and demanding that it is corrected. The director immediately complies and the card is corrected to Yuliet Ortega. Ortega is a 16-year-old girl who is being taken care of by her grandmother. Her mother committed suicide, while her father left his family and went to the United States. Ortega became a jinetera to support herself.