Waiting for the Clouds

Waiting for the Clouds (Bulutları Beklerken) is a film from 2003, Turkey. The film was directed by Yeşim Ustaoğlu. It is based on a novel by Georgios Andreadis titled Tamama. The film was produced by Setarh Farsi, Helge Albers and Behrooz Hashemian. The film was nominated in Montréal World Film Festival 2004.


The neighbor´s son Mehmet is worried about the elderly woman Ayshe, and he likes hearing her stories. When Ayshe´s older sister dies she refuses to be with the other villager and starts searching for her younger brother in Greece. Waiting for the Clouds takes place in 1975 and Mehmet´s experience is based on the directors memory from the 70s. And the character Ayshe would not have had to keep her ethnic identity a secret for 50 years if she had lived in a tolerant environment.