The Animatrix

is a 2003 American-Japanese adult animated science-fiction anthology film produced by the Wachowskis. The film details through nine animated short films the backstory of The Matrix film series, including the original war between humanity and machines which led to the creation of the Matrix, in addition to providing side stories that expand the universe and tie into the film series.


Captain Thadeus (Kevin Michael Richardson) and Jue (Pamela Adlon) engage in a blindfolded sword fight in a virtual reality dojo. They don't harm each other, only damage clothing. At some point, they are interrupted by an alarm and the simulation ends.


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    director Kōji Morimoto Mahiro Maeda Peter Chung Shin'ichirō Watanabe Takeshi Koike Yoshiaki Kawajiri
    events telepresence
    genre animation science fiction western
    keywords advanced african americans alice\'s adventures in wonderland android arachnid arrest artificial intelligence attack begin betray binary binary numeral system biological warfare blockade book of genesis break build captain thadeus capture carrie-anne moss cell phone cephalopod chat room clarence darrow clayton watson clothe court case cradle of civilization creation myth defense attorney dojo dred scott v. sandford drive drug use dystopia dystopian future eastern europe economic sanctions electromagnetic pulse embargo emp engage enter the matrix erase fall feudal japan fight film star fly glitch hacker haunted house hedy burress help high speed horrify human being humanoid humanoid robot inherit the wind james arnold taylor john dimaggio jue keanu reeves kevin michael richardson kid kill kiss last stand lewis carroll lighting a cigar machine matrix mech mecha meet melinda clarke mesopotamia nanites neo neutron bomb new world new york city no-win situation nuclear nuclear bomb nuclear warfare nuclear weapons olympic games one by one one night only way onna-bugeisha open pamela adlon parking lot particle beam pass passenger train phil lamarr philip marlowe phone call power plant power up private detective private investigator question real world reject rocket artillery rule sam spade samurai samurai woman solar energy stock market crash summer olympic games sword fight tease technological singularity test the matrix reloaded their way tom kenny train trap trinity trying to escape un headquarters uncharted united nations united nations headquarters united nations security council unplugged video game virtual reality virtual world wake up warn world government world record wound young boy zero gravity zion
    musicBy Don Davis
    producer Eiko Tanaka Michael Arias
    productionCompany NPV Entertainment Village Roadshow Pictures Warner Home Video
    publisher Warner Home Video
    theme animated animated short anime anthology cyberpunk dystopian high school prequel race sequel