War of the Birds

War of the Birds

War of the Birds is a 1990 Danish adult animated drama film directed by Jannik Hastrup, about two orphan birds, Oliver and Olivia, who fight against an evil vulture-like bird-of-prey with the help of two mice. It is based on a book with a similar name (Fuglekrigen, or "The Bird-War" in English) from the writer,


In a forest lives a peaceful community of birds, including a pair of sparrows residing happily in a nest awaiting the hatching of their seven eggs. During a storm, the sparrows are attacked and killed Fagin, a sadistic and evil vulture-like black bird-of-prey who kills every bird in his path. The issuing struggle causes the seven eggs to fall out the nest with only one surviving and landing near a hole in the tree which is owned by Walter, an owl. Betty, a bluebird, comes and decides to adopt the egg. Some time later, the egg hatches and Betty names the chick Oliver. While Betty is away, Walter tells Oliver a story about Betty saving the dove from a cat. Betty goes to a nearby city and meets Olivia, an orphaned sparrow whose parents were also killed by Fagin, and adopts her as well. Betty introduces Olivia to Oliver, and the pair quickly become friends. Betty goes away again, and Oliver and Olivia wander off and befriend two orphaned mice named Fredrick and Ingolf. They play, but Ingolf, who dreams of flying like a bird, falls into a stream and is saved by the group. The dove appears again and warns them about Fagin, prompting them to run and hide, until Fagin is chased away by a human ornithologist human and his dog. Betty finds them and scolds them for wandering off. In the end Oliver learns to fly with the help of Olivia.