Bezubaan is a 1982 Bollywood film directed by Bapu and produced by Pranlal Mehta. It stars Shashi Kapoor, Reena Roy, Raj Kiran and Naseeruddin Shah. The film was a remake of the Tamil film Mayangukiral Oru Maadhu.


This is the story of a girl named Kalpana (Reena Roy), who stays in the women's hostel. She soon falls into wrong ways. She meets Raman and falls in love with him. She becomes pregnant and tries to commit suicide, but fails. Her roommate, Revati (Reeta Bhaduri), helps her out from this frustration. After some days, Kalpana marries Kumar (Shashi Kapoor), while Revati marries Shivnath (Naseruddin Shah). Kumar is a rich industrialist, whereas Shivnath is a struggling photographer. Shivnath soon starts blackmailing Kalpana, as he has photographs of Kalpana and Raman. In an accident, Kalpana gets injured and Raman, who is a taxi driver, helps her. Kalpana finally reveals everything to Kumar and Shivnath feels guilty for his act.

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    director Bapu
    editor N. Chandra
    keywords injured struggle taxi driver
    musicBy Raam Laxman
    producer Pranlal Mehta