Uniform is the 2003 feature film debut of director Diao Yi'nan, who had previously worked as an established screenwriter for directors such as Zhang Yang and Shi Runjiu. The film, produced by Hu Tong Communications, was distributed via DVD in the United States by First Run Features as part of the Global Film Initiative.


Wang Xiaojian (Liang Hongli) is a down-and-out slacker in a small town in China's industrial Shaanxi province. His father, a factory worker, has fallen ill, and prospects for both Xiaojian and his family look dim. Stuck working in his family's tailoring and laundry shop, one day, Xiaojian comes across the freshly laundered uniform of a police officer. Attempting to deliver it, he discovers that the police office who the uniform was intended had been injured and would not be back on the job for a few weeks. Wandering home, Xiaojian decides to try the uniform on.