Fist of Fury II

Fist of Fury II

Fist of Fury II (, a.k.a. Chinese Connection 2, Fist of Fury Part II and Tschang Fu, der Todeshammer (Tschang Fu, the hammer of death) in Germany), is a 1977 Hong Kong kung fu film directed by Iksan Lahardi and Tso-nam Lee, and starring Bruce Li and Lo Lieh. It is the sequel to Bruce Lee’s 1972's Fist of Fury.


After Chen Zhen's execution in Shanghai, the Japanese feared that his death would unite all Chinese kung fu schools against them. Fearing this, the Japanese gave orders to the head of the Hong Ku School, Miyamoto (Lo Lieh) to suppress all the Chinese schools including the Ching Wu School. Miyamoto sends the Japanese along with their interpreter to the Ching Wu School ordering the leader & students to leave the School. When they refuse, the Japanese beat up the students and destroy the school. Meanwhile, one Chinese man learns about the destruction of the Ching Wu School when he goes to Shanghai to visit Chen Zhen's grave. This Chinese man is the only one who has the guts to fight the Japanese. He is known as Chen Shan (Bruce Li) who is the brother of Chen Zhen and he vows to avenge his brother's death and end the terror of the Japanese once and for all.