Sol Nascente

Sol Nascente

Sol Nascente (English: Rising Sun) is a Brazilian telenovela produced and broadcast by TV Globo. It premiered on 29 August 2016, replacing Êta Mundo Bom!.


Set in the fictional Village of the Sol Nascente, the plot follows the journey of two friends from different backgrounds: the grandson of Italian immigrants Gaetano and Geppina, who came to and Brazil to escape the mafia, Mario is a longtime friend of Alice, raised by the Japanese Kazuo Tanaka as the adopted daughter, along with cousins; Yumi, Hiromi and Hideo. The friendship is shattered when Mario comes out in love with his childhood friend, Alice who plans to study in Japan for two years. Immature and impulsive, he will have to change his ways to conquer Alice, who is engaged to César, seemingly a perfect man, but all he wants is her money.

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    keywords adopted daughter engage perfect man
    publisher TV Globo