The Hoax

The Hoax is a 1972 American comedy film directed by Robert Anderson, and starring Bill Ewing, Frank Bonner, Jacques Aubuchon, Sharon DeBord, Don Dubbins, Harriet Gibson and Tom Benko. The film was released by All-Scope International on April 19, 1972.


“Two scheming ne'er-do-wells find a lost nuclear weapon in the ocean near Los Angeles. They decide to light-heartedly try and blackmail the city by asking for money from each citizen. This arouses the attention of the local authorities.“ Source= IMDB

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    director Robert Anderson
    editor Frank J. Urioste
    genre comedy
    keywords los angeles scheme
    musicBy John Toll
    producer Robert Anderson
    productionCompany Centurion Productions, Inc. Tempo Enterprises
    publisher All-Scope International