Kamla is a 1984 Hindi film produced and directed by Jagmohan Mundhra, starring Deepti Naval, Shabana Azmi, and Marc Zuber in lead roles. The film is titled after the character of Naval. The screenplay by Vijay Tendulkar was based on his play Kamala, written in 1981.


Jaisingh Jadav (Marc Zuber), a Delhi-based journalist finds that even to this date, the flesh trade exists in a village in Madhya Pradesh, the victims being girls belonging to the Bhil tribe. Like any avid journalist, he travels to the village, followed by really buying a girl named Kamla (Deepti Naval) and takes her to his home in Delhi. As his intentions were good, some days later he holds a press conference where he reveals the actual wrongdoings going on in the village.

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    contentLocation Delhi
    director Jag Mundhra
    editor Ashok Bandekar
    genre drama
    keywords belong bhil bhil tribe buy follow press conference wrongdoing
    musicBy Bappi Lahiri
    producer Jagmohan Mundhra
    theme human trafficking