Dying Candle

Dying Candle Nepali language film directed by Naresh Kumar KC and produced by Rabin Acharya and Marie Adler. The film's plot concerns a young woman who has to make a difficult choice of whether or not to take care of her younger brother, even though her dignity is at risk by doing so. Her brother's situation becomes so desperate that she feels she only has one option- to make a great self-sacrifice to save her family.


Kshemi lives with her family in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. She becomes the caretaker of her family after her father's death. Usually, this is a role passed on to the son; however, her brother and mother are both ill, and there are three younger sisters to take care of. Although she was supposed to marry and leave home to start a life of her own, she knows she cannot when they need her so desperately.