Mandir Wahi Banayenge

Mandir Wahi Banayenge is a 2019 Indian Bhojpuri-language action drama film directed by Praveen Kumar Guduri and produced by Chandan Bhansali and Mahesh Upadhyay with co-produced by Shankar Shukla and Ram Mishra. The film presented by "Aadishakti Entertainment" and "Sohum Films" under banner of "SRV Production House", "Maahi Movies Entertainment". Pradeep Pandey has been cast in the lead role along with Nidhi Jha while Sushil Singh, Samarth Chaturvedi, Anoop Arora, Kiran Yadav, Krishna Kumar, Mahesh Acharya, Prakash Jais and Prem Dubey feature in supporting roles. Item queen Seema Singh and Priti Dhyani make a special appearance in songs. It is written by Indrajeet S. Kumar. The film's music was composed by Madhukar Anand and Chotte Baba.


The story begins from Mumbai where Jatashankar lives with his wife Pramila and his daughter Siya . Siya gets married early in childhood to Chintu Pandey, son of Pandit Ramnarayan Pandey, a resident of Ayodhya but Siya does not consider this marriage. One day Jatashankar tells his daughter Siya that he will go to Ayodhya and stay at Pandit Ram Narayan's house for a few days and if he understands Chintu Pandey, then even if he does not like Chintu Pandey, he will marry her wherever he wishes. Then Siya goes to Ayodhya with her friends and gets angry when she know that her husband is an auto driver, but she goes to Chintu's house. Chintu offers him and all his friends a trip to Ayodhya, slowly slowly Siya also falls in love with Chintu. After a few days, Siya's friends go back to Mumbai, while telling Siya that Chintu will be better husband for her and he is very much love him. At the same time, Siya's lover Rocky takes Siya, Chintu Pandey protects Siya. Siya also now accepts Chintu Pandey as her husband.