Kentucky Moonshine

Kentucky Moonshine is a 1938 American comedy musical film directed by David Butler and released by 20th Century Fox.


Radio star Jerry Wade's program ratings are falling and he suggests to his sponsors a show that is different and he goes to Kentucky to find an idea. Caroline, a Kentucky girl in New York trying to crash into radio, learns of Wade's quest and takes her three friends, Harry, Jimmy and Al Ritz, also aspiring to show-business fame, to Kentucky with her, where Wade discovers them in beards, guns, feuds, moonshine and every cliché that fits the hillbillies lifestyle. He stages a broadcast from the hills, which is not heard because of technical difficulties. He takes the whole troupe back to New York with him.

    More details

    contentLocation Kentucky
    director David Butler
    editor Irene Morra
    genre comedy
    keywords fall hillbilly rat
    producer Darryl F. Zanuck
    productionCompany 20th Century Fox
    publisher 20th Century Fox
    theme musical