Korenande Shoukai

is a Japanese children's musical puppet variety show that airs on NHK Educational TV. The setting is the general store "Korenande Shoukai". Each episode has a variety of sketches, songs, animation, and dialogue. The main characters include Jay, Kiwi, Bulbul, and Madanai. It debuted on 4 April 2016 and ended on 31 March 2022.


As a variety show, each episode is a stand-alone sketch and follows roughly the same pattern: Jay will bring an interesting item into the shop, and Bulbul and Kiwi will ask about it. The episode will then focus on the particular item, such as an old-fashioned iron, or a ship in the bottle, as Jay explains what the item is, how to use it, or where it came from. The episodes also contain two or three songs. The songs are sometimes sung in the shop, but other times the camera shifts locations or the show completely switches to animation (usually a watercolor style). Songs may be directly related to the object being discussed, such as "Happy End" during the episode where Jay brings in a laughing bag, but mostly they are just fun and catchy songs, such as "I Want to Be an Idol".


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    genre animation
    keywords how to laugh variety show
    publisher NHK Educational TV