Mated in the Wilds

Mated in the Wilds is a 1921 Australian silent film directed by P. J. Ramster. It is a melodrama about a love triangle among members of Sydney society.


Two men, flying ace Justin Strong (Fred Oppey) and foreigner Montgomery Lyle (Anthony Aroney) are both in love with sportswoman Elsa Hope (Elsa Granger). Justin and Monty leave by motorcycle on a surveying trip and Monty leads his rival in the desert to die. He tells Elsa that Justin was killed by aboriginals. Elsa insists on seeing Justin's grave and drives out to the desert with Monty and her mother. Monty ties Mrs Hopes to a tree and is about to abduct Elsa but she pulls a gun on him and eventually finds Justin living with some friendly aborigines.


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    director P.J. Ramster
    genre drama
    keywords elsa granger flying ace kill
    theme melodrama silent