The Raging Tide

The Raging Tide is a 1951 American film noir and crime film directed by George Sherman and starring Shelley Winters, Richard Conte, Stephen McNally, Charles Bickford and Alex Nicol. The screenplay was by Ernest K. Gann based on his 1950 novel Fiddler's Green.


The film tells of Bruno Felkin (Conte) as a San Francisco crime boss. After he kills off a mob rival, he tries to arrange an alibi with his girlfriend, Connie Thatcher (Winters). However, she isn't available, which forces Felkin to hide out on a fishing boat owned by Hamil Linder (Bickford) until Connie shows.

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    director George Sherman
    editor Ted J. Kent
    genre crime drama
    keywords alex nicol crime boss fishing boat hide out reform
    musicBy Frank Skinner
    producer Aaron Rosenberg
    productionCompany Universal Pictures
    publisher Universal Pictures
    theme film noir