Little Roy

Little Roy

Little ROY is an Irish children's television series, filmed in Cardiff, United Kingdom, which is broadcast by TRTÉ and RTÉ TWO In Ireland, CBBC and CBeebies in the United Kingdom and ABC Kids in Australia. It began and also airs on CBeebies. The show centres on the title character Roy O'Brien, the 5-year-old animated son of a live-action family. The series is a prequel of Roy, another Irish television show which ran from 1 July 2009 to 7 April 2015. Creator of Roy, Alan Shannon, is the series director.


The show follows the everyday life of five-year-old Roy O'Brien, a hyperactive and playful little boy. Little Roy is a live action/animation hybrid with Roy as the main character. Each episode will follow a day in the life of the cartoon, as his cartoon abilities always cause some form of mayhem.