Lie With Me

Lie With Me is a British television crime drama series first broadcast on ITV from 15 to 16 November 2004. The two-part serial stars Andrew Lincoln and Eve Best as Will Tomlinson and Roselyn Tyler, a police officer and a victim drawn together during the course of a murder investigation. The serial received good viewing figures at the time of broadcast, but was critically panned, many blaming the poor ending as a reason for ITV not to renew it as an ongoing series. The DVD of the serial was released on 15 January 2007.


Drugged with GHB, Ros Tyler (Eve Best) has no recollection of her weekend activities. When she awakens, however, she discovers that she has been raped, and her roommate has been murdered. Will (Andrew Lincoln) is assigned to the case as Lead Investigator. When Will and Ros slowly find attraction to one another - she for the security and he for the frailty - their desire for justice, and vindication, leads them towards a difficult and illegal action.


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    contentLocation London
    genre crime drama
    keywords andrew lincoln drug eve best murder
    publisher ITV Studios