Aoi Shinju

is a 1951 Japanese film directed by Ishirō Honda, his first feature film. The story is based on Umi no haien. It is about a pearl divers and is filmed in a semi-documentary style. The film was produced and distributed by Toho Co., Ltd in Japan on August 3, 1951.


Young ama diver Noe (Yukiko Shimazki) falls in love with the town's new lighthouse attendant/school teacher Nishida (Ryō Ikebe), who recently moved in from Tokyo. Nishida's outsider ways inspire Noe to abandon her unwanted arranged marriage and hard life of diving. The couple's love is scorn by the locals and the two are split apart by Riu (Yuriko Hamada), a former ''ama'' diver, who returns from Tokyo after 2 years. Noe's parents forbid her from seeing Nishida and Riu seduces Nishida in her absence, spreading rumors that Noe is pregnant with his bastard child. The two women try to settle their score by diving to retrieve the legendary Dai nichi ido pearl, said to bring about true love, however, the locals fear it is cursed and should be left undisturbed. Riu finds the pearl but her hand gets stuck between rocks and drowns. Noe nearly drowns trying to save Riu. Believing her responsible for Riu's death, the villagers demonize Noe, who is guilt-ridden and haunted by the voice of Riu calling from the sea. The film ends with Noe advancing the sea, following Riu's haunting cries.

    More details

    director Ishirō Honda
    keywords ama ama diver arranged marriage curse dive haunt tokyo true love voice
    musicBy Tadashi Hattori
    producer Sōjirō Motoki
    productionCompany Toho
    publisher Toho
    theme japanese