Spring Fever is a 1919 short comedy film directed by Hal Roach and featuring Harold Lloyd.


Harold is an office worker whose mind wanders from his mundane clerical tasks because of the lovely weather. Unable to resist the pull of a park on a beautiful spring day, Harold walks out on his job. He is pursued into the park by irked office colleagues and his boss. Harold's playful antics in the park quickly annoy several people, causing a large mob to start chasing him. While hiding in some shrubbery, Harold encounters Bebe who herself is hiding from an unwanted suitor (Snub). The mob attacks Snub, thinking he is Harold. Bebe and Harold quietly escape to an ice cream parlor where Harold has insufficient money to pay for their treats. Harold attempts a few creative tricks to avoid paying the bill. In the end, Harold deceives the waitress into thinking that a still groggy Snub has agreed to pay his tab. The film ends in Bebe's garden with Harold and Bebe embracing as a new couple.

    More details

    director Hal Roach
    genre comedy
    keywords end hide ice cream parlor spring think
    producer Hal Roach
    theme short