Sajan (Boyfriend) is a 1947 Hindi romantic film directed by Kishore Sahu. The film was produced by Filmistan and had music by C. Ramchandra. The story and screenplay were by Kishore Sahu. The film had Rehana in the female lead, and following the success of this film, as well as Shehnai (1947), she became an "overnight star". The cast included Ashok Kumar, Rehana, Ramesh Gupta, Anant Prabhu and Leela Mishra.


Prakash (Ashok Kumar) is returning home after eleven years from UK, and is now on a train for his journey back home. He meets a young man, also called Prakash (Ramesh Gupta), on the train who befriends him. The train meets with an accident and Prakash loses his memory. While Prakash is wandering around trying to regain his memory, the man from the train thinking that Prakash (Kumar) is dead, pretends to be Prakash and reaches his house. There everyone believes him to be Pakash except for his wife, Kamla (Rehana), who then runs away from home. She joins a band of wandering gypsies. Kamla and Prakash meet, both unaware of each other's true identity. Forming a close bond, the two finally realise the truth when Prakash's memory returns. The fake Prakash is revealed as the villain.

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    director Kishore Sahu
    editor Pundalik
    genre romance
    keywords think true identity wander young man
    musicBy C. Ramchandra
    producer Filmistan
    productionCompany Filmistan
    publisher Filmistan