Esthappan is a 1980 Malayalam film written and directed by G. Aravindan. Aravindan also co-composed the music and edited the film. Rajan Kakkanadan, Krishnapuram Leela, Sudharma and Shobhana form the cast. The film blends together the Biblical story of the deeds of Christ and the way society responded to him, with the life of Esthappan, whose life mystified others. It won the Kerala State Film Awards for Best Film and Best Director.


Esthappan, a fisherman lives in a seashore colony of fishermen. To the fisherfolk of the coastal Christian village, he is at once an eccentric simpleton, a possessed soothsayer and faith healer, and a Satanic grave stealer. Esthappan's story unfolds through narrations of other fishermen about the miracles created by him. Through the contradictory statements of these people, a mystical figure of Esthappan unfolds.


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    director G. Aravindan
    editor G. Aravindan
    keywords church drink faith healer possess walk
    musicBy G. Aravindan Janardhan
    producer K. Ravindran Nair
    productionCompany General Pictures