Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa

Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa

Mamachya Gavala Jaaoo Yaa is a 2014 Indian Marathi-lanquage adventurous thriller film directed by Sameer Hemant Joshi and produced by Pankaj Challani Films. It stars Abhijeet Khandkekar and Mrunmayee Deshpande in lead roles. The film was theatrically released on 21 November 2014.


The story of the film is about the uncle(Mama) we all look up to. He is a friend, a partner in crime, and someone your mother adores, a guy who you look up to, but who lives far away! But distance often bringhearts closer, and that's why one of the most adorable of the relationships keeps growing stronger with our Mama!

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    director Sameer Hemant Joshi
    editor Suchitra Sathe
    genre thriller
    keywords partner in crime
    musicBy Prashant Pillai
    producer Punkaj Challani
    publisher Punkaj Challani Films