Satya In Love

Satya In Love

Satya In Love is an Indian Kannada-language movie released in 2008. It is directed by Raghav Loki and produced by T.N. Ramesh under Ananya Enterprises. The music is composed by Gurukiran, an Indian music composer and singer. The movie features Shiva Rajkumar and Genelia D'Souza in the lead roles and was released in one hundred theaters across India.


Satya falls in love with Veda when he witnesses her nursing a stranger who had a seizure. After this encounter, Veda disappears into a crowd, prompting Satya to embark on a search to find her. He learns that she lives in Kurnool with her father Ranga Reddy, whom people in the region fear. Satya goes to Reddy's house but is beaten by Ranga's henchmen. Veda is surprised to see Satya as she has never seen him before. Satya, undeterred by the beating, perseveres in his quest to win Veda's affection. Despite the initial setback, he discovers a way to connect with her, determined to overcome the challenges presented by Veda's formidable father.

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    director Raghav Loki Marasur
    editor Shyam Yadav
    keywords beat kurnool nurse
    musicBy Gurukiran
    producer T. N. Ramesh
    productionCompany Ananya Enterprises
    publisher Ramu Enterprises