Mission Odyssey

Mission Odysseyis a 26-part animated series about the adventures of the ancient Greek hero Odysseus. The series is a production of BAF Berlin Animation Film GmbH & Co. Produktions GmbH and Marathon Filmproduktion in co-production with M6. Character design was created by David Gilson. Distributional rights were acquired in 2009 by the Your Family Entertainment AG, which is now holding indefinite broadcast rights including ancillary rights for almost all countries. The German premiere took place on 22 February 2008 on KIKA.


Starting with the victory over Troy, Odysseus' voyage home turns into a true adventure. The sea god Poseidon has made a bet with Athena that Odysseus and his team, consisting of the horned mythical creatures Titan, Zephyr, the son of a god of wind, teenage barefoot clairvoyant Nisa, clumsy Philo, rapacious Navigator Dates as well as Diomedes and a clever owl, will never make it home on their own. To achieve this Poseidon interferes in every episode of the series, with Athena constantly reminding Poseidon that direct intervention violates their betting rules.