Sing is a 1989 American musical drama film directed by Richard J. Baskin, written by Dean Pitchford (who also co-wrote the songs) and produced by Craig Zadan (both previously collaborated on Footloose), and starring Lorraine Bracco, Peter Dobson, and Jessica Steen.


The story begins with Hannah, a beautiful young teen, as she is completing her senior year of high school. Her Brooklyn neighborhood is falling apart and SING! is one of the only traditions that keep the neighborhood alive. Newly arrived teacher, Miss Lombardo grew up in the neighborhood and returned to be their SING! leader. One cold Christmas night, Miss Lombardo is leaving a neighborhood party when a young man hails her a cab, then attempts to mug her. In self-defense, she bites his hand to release his grip and he screams in pain and terror and flees. The cab driver jokes about not starting the meter yet.