The Blade Spares None

The Blade Spares None

The Blade Spares None is a 1971 Hong Kong action film with sword fighting directed by Teddy Yip Wing Cho.


Ho Li-Chun, an attractive but powerful swordswoman, fights at a tournament at Prince Kuei's Palace. A knight, Chen Jo-Yu, is defeated but later returns with another knight, Tang Ching-Yun, who is in possession of a peculiar sword. Ho recognizes this as the weapon once used by Sun Tien-Chen, an enemy of her family. Investigating the case, she learns that Prince Kuei was actually murdered, and it is Sun who has assumed his identity as an imposter. Ho, in coordination with Chen and Tang, plan to confront him and eventually attack the palace.


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    director Wing-Cho Yip
    genre action fantasy
    keywords murder
    producer Raymond Chow Man Wai
    publisher Orange Sky Golden Harvest