Multiplicity is a 1996 American science fiction comedy film starring Michael Keaton and Andie MacDowell about a man able to duplicate himself by machine, each duplicate developing a different personality, causing problems. It was based on Chris Miller's short story "Multiplicity", published in National Lampoon magazine, Spring 1993. The film was co-produced and directed by Harold Ramis. The original music score was composed by George Fenton.


Doug Kinney works in construction in Los Angeles, and his job is constantly getting in the way of his family. Working on a new wing of a scientific facility, Doug meets Dr. Leeds, a friendly scientist who has successfully developed a method for cloning humans. He is introduced to Dr. Leeds' clone as proof. Sympathetic to Doug's troubles, he clones him, so the clone can take over for Doug at work, while the original tries to spend quality time with his family. The clone, called "Two" (although he calls himself "Lance"), has all of Doug's memories and knowledge, but personality-wise is an exaggeration of Doug's masculine side.