Young Billy Young

Young Billy Young is a 1969 Western film in Deluxe Color starring Robert Mitchum and featuring Angie Dickinson, Robert Walker Jr. (in the title role), David Carradine, Jack Kelly (who plays a villain dressed like his character Bart Maverick in the television series Maverick), Deana Martin (in her screen debut) and Paul Fix. The story was based on a novel by Heck Allen titled "Who Rides with Wyatt" (written pseudonymously as Will Henry) and the screenplay was by Burt Kennedy; the film was directed by Kennedy.


On the trail, Ben Kane, a former Dodge City lawman, comes across Billy Young, who has no horse and was abandoned by partner Jesse Boone soon after the killing of a Mexican general.

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    contentLocation New Mexico
    director Burt Kennedy
    editor Otho Lovering
    genre western
    keywords abandon deputy sheriff dodge city kill murder shoot spring wait
    musicBy Shelly Manne
    producer Max E. Youngstein
    productionCompany Talbot-Youngstein
    publisher United Artists
    recordedAt Arizona