Butterbean's Café

Butterbean's Café

Butterbean's Café is a CGI-animated culinary fantasy children's television series created by Jonny Belt and Robert Scull and ordered by Nickelodeon. Principally animated by Ireland-based Brown Bag Films, it ran on Nickelodeon and its sister channel Nick Jr. for 2 seasons and 60 episodes from November 12, 2018 to November 1, 2020.


The series is set in the magical land of Puddlebrook and follows its titular character, Butterbean, a fairy who opens up and works in her own café, with the help of sister Cricket and friends Poppy, Dazzle, and Jasper. The patrons of the café consists of anthropomorphic chipmunks and rabbits. Next to the café is grumpy Ms. Marmalady, who plots to put Butterbean out of business, only to fail every time. There is a running gag where a character (which the episode varies and mostly centers around on) breaks the fourth wall by talking to the viewer in a documentary-style confession where they explain the various situations happening at the moment. Working together, the fairies whip up amazing treats in most of the episode. If the treat is successfully saved, Butterbean plants a colorful surprise bean producing special effects based on it, depending on the episode, to which she calls "The Fairy Finish".