Dust Devil is a 1992 horror film written and directed by Richard Stanley. The film stars Robert Burke as Hitch, a mysterious man who wanders the deserts in Namibia and is wanted by the police in connection with the death of a woman whose blood was used in a supernatural ceremony. It is believed by a local Sngoma that Hitch is a "Dust Devil", a supernatural creature that can change its form. Hitch encounters Wendy played by Chelsea Field, who drives with him along a highway as she is pursued by her estranged husband. As police begin investigating the murders, they seem to trace back to Hitch and Wendy discovers the man has supernatural powers.


In Namibia, a Sngoma named Joe Niemand recites a story about "the desert wind (soo-oop-wa), who was a man, until. by mischance, he grew wings and flew like a bird. He became a hunter and like a hawk he flew to seek his prey, taking refuge in the far corners of the world where magic still lingers, But having once been a man, he still suffer the passions of a man, "flying in the rages sometimes, and throwing himself down like a child, to vent his wrath upon the earth." and stating that the people of the great Namib refer to them as Dust Devils.