Vayasu Pasanga

Vayasu Pasanga (English: Young Boys) is a 2004 Tamil teen coming of age film director by Bharathi Kannan. The film features newcomer Anush, newcomer Jai Arvind, Master Manikandan and Vindhya in lead roles, with J. Livingston, Kamalesh, Payal, Bharathi and Asha playing supporting roles. The film, produced by Maha Devaraj, had musical score by R. K. Sundar and was released on 6 February 2004.


The film revolves around three teenagers Vicky (Anush), Pazhani (Jai Arvind) and Lakshmi (Master Manikandan). Their only aim is to bunk classes and eye for girls. Their parents blindly believe that their sons are innocent hard-working students.