Moordwijven (Dutch slang for a "fantastic woman", more literally Murderbitches) is a 2007 Dutch black comedy about millionaire wives who get revenge on their cheating husbands by having them killed. The film is directed by Dick Maas. It was awarded a Golden Film, having sold more than 100'000 tickets in the first nine days of screening.


Three millionaire best friends, Kitty, Estelle and Nicolette, spend their days having botox injections, liposuction and other plastic surgery – all to keep up their looks for their husbands. After witnessing the murder of their favorite plastic surgeon by his wife, the three ponder the idea of similarly killing their husbands should they sleep with someone else. Of the three, Kitty is virtually certain that her husband is cheating on her, having seen him call 'Pamela' from his cell phone. To 'prove' her suspicions, her friend Estelle hands her a booklet, a "Top 50" checklist of strange behavior to see if he's indeed cheating on her.