Happy Ever After

Happy Ever after is a 1954 British comedy film directed by Mario Zampi and starring David Niven, Yvonne De Carlo, Barry Fitzgerald and George Cole. Its plot concerns the accidental death of an Irish landowner who bequeaths his estate to his cousin. It was released in the United States under the title Tonight's the Night.


Aged General O'Leary is fatally injured while trying to jump a wall with his horse. On his deathbed, the beloved old Irishman bequeaths £1,000 each to his faithful longtime servant Thady O'Heggarty, his neighbor and fellow landowner Major Monty McGluskey for care and feeding of the General's horse and dog, and to Doctor Michael Flynn for keeping him alive longer than he probably would have lived otherwise. The General also cancels all debts owed to him. The rest of the estate goes to a distant relative, Jasper O'Leary, who has never before set foot in the hamlet of Rathbarney.