Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity

Long Life, Happiness & Prosperity is a 2002 Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Mina Shum and co-written with Dennis Foon. The film stars Valerie Tian as a 12-year-old girl attempting to fix her single mother's (Sandra Oh) financial and romantic situation through the usage of taoist magic. Three stories of unrelated people connect as a result of her charms. The movie was produced by Shaftesbury Film Inc. and Massey Productions Ltd. in association with Chum Television. The film was filmed in Vancouver, Canada.


A 12-year-old girl Mindy Ho (Valerie Tian) attempts to help her single mother win the lottery and better their living conditions through the usage of Taoist charms she found in a book from Lee Tai Tai's Fortune Telling and Appliance Repair shop. Her mother, Kin, works as a telephone psychic at night and at a restaurant during the day. During this entire time, Mindy attempts to match her mother with the restaurant owner; Alvin Wong. Meanwhile, Shuck Wong had just lost his job as a security guard. In shame, he dons his old uniform in front of his wife, Hun Ping, and pretends to go to work when he is really looking for a new job. When his wife gets a job while he remains jobless, he begins to feel worthless. Also at this time, Bing Lai struggles with his relationship with his father, who is a famous butcher in Hong Kong. He wishes to one day get rid of his father's disdain for him by working in his own butcher shop with his son.