Veera Kankanam

Veera Kankanam

Veera Kankanam is a 1957 Telugu-language swashbuckler film, produced by T. R. Sundaram under the Modern Theatres banner and directed by G. R. Rao. It stars N. T. Rama Rao, Krishna Kumari, Jamuna and music composed by Susarla Dakshinamurthi.


Once upon a time, there was a kingdom Mallesena ruled by King Vengallaraya Deva a marionette in hands of a malevolent Rajaguru. Parallelly, his son Chandrasena a barbarous, and the captain decoits under a veil, to capture the kingdom. As of today, he creates mayhem, so, the King assigns Chief Commander Veera Mohan to dump it. At present, Veera Mohan awakes the valor in public and makes them wear warrior bands Veerakankanam. During that crunch, Rajaguru gets back Chandrasena when he tries to trap Princess Rajani and sends a love letter. But unfortunately, it is handed over by Parvati the daughter of Maha Mantri and starts endearing him. Meanwhile, Veera Mohan & Rajani crush. Eventually, Veera Mohan detects Chandrasena as the viper and seizes him as a victim before the court. Here, the King empowers the verdict to Maha Mantri who edicts the death penalty. To protect her love Parvati ruses in the voice of a goddess, and proclaims Chandrasena as non-guilty. Ultimately, the King too believes it and acquits him. Simultaneously, Veera Mohan is affirmed as a traitor and ostracized when Rajani also accompanies him. Later, Chandrasena knits Parvati when she realizes the nefarious face of her husband. At that point, he captures Rajani and attempts to molest her when Parvati lands, and as it is inevitable she slays him. Parallelly, Rajaguru seeks to kill the King when Veera Mohan secures him, but Rajaguru craftily incriminates him. Just before judgment, Parvati divulges the diabolic shade of Rajaguru when he slaughters her. At last, the public stamps out Rajaguru. Finally, the movie ends on a happy note with the marriage of Veera Mohan & Rajani.

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    director G. R. Rao
    editor L. Balu
    keywords death penalty love letter the king voice
    musicBy Susarla Dakshinamurthi
    producer T. R. Sundaram
    productionCompany Modern Theatres
    theme swashbuckler