Qatl is a 1986 Indian mystery thriller film directed by R.K. Nayyar and starring Sanjeev Kumar, Shatrughan Sinha, Marc Zuber, Ranjeeta Kaur, Sarika and Ashok Kumar. The film released two months after Sanjeev Kumar's death and was the first of his several posthumous releases.


Rohini (Sarika) is an aspiring actor who is caught shoplifting in a shopping complex. Ranjeet (Marc Zuber), who was watching Rohini, comes to her rescue by pretending to be her partner and they both leave the venue together. Rohini tells Ranjeet of her deep hunger to be an actress while struggling to make ends meet. Ranjeet offers to make her an actress as he owns a theater and produces shows, at the same time making advances towards her. Rohini accepts and returns his sexual advances for a lead role. The director (T.P. Jain) of an upcoming play berates Rohini, who catches the attention of another actor-director Rakesh (Sanjeev Kumar). Rakesh helps Rohini pick up the nuances of acting and she turns into a fantastic performer. They fall in love and get married, however a freak stage accident injures Rakesh, who while trying to protect Rohini loses his eyesight. While in hospital, Rakesh undergoes therapy to come to terms with his blindness and a nurse Sita (Ranjeeta Kaur) helps him learn to read braille and move around using a stick. Despite his efforts to lead a normal life, Rakesh becomes depressed due to his condition and dislikes people taking pity on him, ultimately taking refuge in the love and dedication towards him of his wife, who has quit theatre to take care of her blind husband.