Flashpoint is a 1984 American neo-western action thriller film starring Kris Kristofferson, Treat Williams, Rip Torn, Jean Smart, Kurtwood Smith, and Tess Harper. The film is directed by William Tannen in his directorial debut, and is based on the novel of the same name by George LaFountaine, with a screenplay by Dennis Shryack and Michael Butler. The original score was composed and performed by Tangerine Dream. It was the first theatrical film produced by Home Box Office (HBO).


Border Patrol agents Bobby Logan and Ernie Wyatt are planting motion sensors in a remote area of the Texas desert when they stumble across what appears to be a decades-old Jeep buried in the sand. Upon excavating the vehicle, they find an intact skeleton in the driver's seat, a toolbox containing $800,000 in unused 10 and 20 dollar bills, and a hunting case containing a scoped sniper rifle with matching ammunition. The skeleton is accompanied by a wallet, containing the driver's license of a Michael J. Curtis from San Antonio, and a slip of paper with two phone numbers on it. Logan speculates that the money is from a bank heist in the early 1960s, and suggests that he and Wyatt take the money for themselves. While Wyatt is reluctant; they both finally agree to put out the jeep's license plate information to the Sheriff's department, and ask their telephone operator girlfriends to check out the two phone numbers.