Candles at Nine

Candles at Nine

Candles at Nine is a 1944 British mystery film directed by John Harlow and starring Jessie Matthews, John Stuart and Beatrix Lehmann.


After the mysterious death of wealthy old Everard Hope (Eliot Makeham), his avaricious relatives are little pleased to discover that his estate has been left to distant relation Dorothea Capper (Jessie Matthews), a young showgirl. The one condition of the will is that she must stay in Hope's spooky mansion for a month. After several attempts on Dorothea's life, detective William Gardener (John Stuart) decides to investigate.

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    contentLocation London
    director John Harlow
    editor Vi Burdon
    genre mystery
    keywords mysterious death
    musicBy Charles Williams
    producer Wallace Orton
    productionCompany British National Films
    publisher Anglo-American Film Corporation