China Gate

China Gate is a 1957 Hollywood CinemaScope war film written, produced and directed by Samuel Fuller and released through 20th Century Fox.


Sergeant Brock (Gene Barry) and Goldie (Nat King Cole) are American Korean War veterans now serving as French Foreign Legion mercenaries in the First Indochina War. Brock's wife is a "half caste" Chinese Eurasian named "Lucky Legs" (Angie Dickinson) who resorts to smuggling to feed her five-year-old son (Warren Hsieh) she had with Brock. Brock abandoned her and the baby when he was born with Asian features, feeling a "half breed" would not be welcome in America; an attitude towards miscegenation prevalent at the time. Lucky is recruited by the French high command to use her expert knowledge of the area and her friendship with the communist Major Cham (Lee Van Cleef) to get a demolition squad of Legionnaires led by Brock to a vital hidden Viet Minh ammunition dump on the border with Red China. In return for her services, Lucky is promised by the French that they will arrange for her son's emigration to America.